I Fixed PINK CRES’s “Roulette”

It’s been nearly a year since I reviewed PINK CRES’s major debut single, “Roulette,” and the tl;dr is I loved the song and performance, but hated the mix. HATED it. The vocals sit so deep in the mix that it’s almost impossible to enjoy, and it’s the second time PC has suffered this fate (the first being “Bukiyou na Jibun.”) Well, the JPope has acquired some new audio tools, and I’ve put them to use to clean up this mess. I didn’t do much besides lower the levels of most of the instruments, raised the bass and drums a tad to compensate, and a bit of volume automation on the vocals. That’s really it. Doing that minor bit of work adds so much more energy and makes this track pop like it always should have. Check it out!

Maybe I’ll take a run at “Bukiyou na Jibun” next.

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