PINK CRES. – “Bukiyou na Jibun” Video

The follow up to their “Etcetera” video, “Bukiyou na Jibun” finds PINK CRES in a more comfortable place with this R&B-tinged ballad.  This is pretty much a Hikaru feature, which is a nice surprise, particularly because she makes the most of it. I had no idea she could sing this well, but she really does have a nice tone. The song is an off-the-shelf ballad, and the mix really is odd at times. The vocals are completely subsumed by the music in parts, mostly the end of the choruses, but Miyabi and Yuuka are both pushed back a bit too far even on their solo lines. The persistent, under-developed drum beat feels like more of a demo track, and becomes grating by the second chorus. Not sure what the Recording Director was going for here, but it feels off to me.

The video is pretty good for what this song is, and the girls all look great. Miyabi’s hair is back under control here, and everyone just looks more natural and at ease than they did in “Etcetera”. Hikaru, especially, looks great. She’s been the star of both of these songs and videos for me. This song is definitely more their milieu, but I wish it were a bit more interesting musically.

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