Oh HELL Yes!

If this is the only thing to come of the Morning Musume 20th anniversary, well, I’ll still be disappointed, but this is a surprise. Just watch:

This makes me happier than this guy right here:

Happy pup

I can’t put into words how happy I am that Asuka was able to put aside her differences with H!P (and the other four girls) to make this happen. Yeah, two days of hype for a digital release is just what you’d expect from H!P, but I’m not gonna crush them in this case. This is a gift to the hardest-core MM fans of a certain age; not exactly a large demographic, and being able to have this so soon after the bomb has been dropped is cool.

I bag on H!P for getting things wrong a lot, so it feels great to pat them on the back for getting something so right. Now, swallow your pride and go talk to Kago.

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