Angerme Rips, Tsubaki Factory Teases

It’s New Release Season at the Hello! Project, and we have radio rips of all new songs from the forthcoming Angerme single, and official teaser videos featuring all new songs from Tsubaki Factory’s new album, which is only two days from dropping. Without getting too far into the weeds on either release, let’s see what we’ve got.

Tsubaki Factory’s sophomore album 2nd STEP hits the streets on May 26th, and Up Front has produced a series of three teaser videos, each featuring two of the six new album tracks from intro through the first chorus. These clips are more than just audio previews, though, they are professionally produced mini MVs, each starring a different TF member. It’s a really cool concept that I hope we see more of in the future.

Vol 1:
“Ai wa Ima, Ai wo Motometeru” – Kisora Niinuma
“Masayume” – Yumeno Kishimoto

Vol 2:
“Tarinai Mono Umete Yuku Tabi” – Mao Akiyomo
“Dakara Nannanda!” – Saori Onoda

Vol 3:
“Hikari no Curtain” – Riko Yamagishi
“Saijoukyuu Story” – Mizuho Ono

I’m pretty pumped for all of these songs, and “Tarinai Mono Umete Yuku Tabi” in particular. In fact, I don’t think I’ve been this obsessed with a preview since at least TF’s “Waratte,” and maybe even C-ute’s “Mugen Climax.” Also, a full-length cut of Saorin’s “Dakara Nannanda!” is a viral video waiting to happen.

We’ve got a longer wait for Angerme’s new single — June 23rd — but we have decent radio rips of each song.

Hakkiri Shiyou ze:

Oyogenai Mermaid:

Aisare Route A or B?:

Speaking of being obsessed, “Aisare Route A or B?” has its hooks in me pretty good. Composed and arranged by the same guy who did the TF song above that I’ve had on repeat for two days now, this is some pretty sophisticated stuff for Anju. I’ve never heard of Shingo Yamazaki, and these appear to be his first H!P credits, but if this is the level of work we can expect from him, I hope Up Front locks him up like they did Hoshibe Sho.

The first half of 2021 is shaping up to be very strong for H!P releases, despite the completely dry months of January and February. I like that H!P is spacing their releases out more so we get at least one new thing each month, rather than packing three into a single month like they were doing for a while. Hope this continues.

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