First Look at Juice=Juice 7-nin Lineup

We got a taste of the new Juice=Juice 7-nin lineup on Youtube today, and they’re not coddling the n00bs. Performing their upcoming digital release “fiesta! fiesta!” at the Hello! Gathering Summer Tour, the first solo line goes to new member Danbara Ruru, and she sounds great. Neither she nor  Yanagawa Nanami look at all out of place, and honestly, they look like they’ve been performing with the others for a years. Check it out:

Boy, Morning Musume really dodged a bullet by not getting Ruru, didn’t they?

I didn’t like the song that much the first time I heard it, but it has grown on me a bit since. Juice=Juice is the group I’m most excited about after the Great H!P Shake-up, because they are by far the most vocally talented group H!P has had in years. I hope they get more A-level material, and I’d love to see them harmonize live. I miss that from H!P.

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