This 8-Bit Remix of “Waratte” is So Damned Good

You really have to hear this, because it’s seriously great.

I went off on a mini Tweet-storm about how this made me nostalgic for the early-to-mid 00s heyday of the Morning Musume remix scene. If you don’t remember it, it was pretty big on the internet, to the point where at its height it seemd like a new remix was being issued weekly. Evil Morning lead the way with several outsatanding metal takes on MM singles, but there were a lot of others whose names escape me. Many were one-offs. If you can find Kuno’s Mix of “Roman ~My Dear Boy~”, do it, because it’s better than a lot of the official remixes from the Pucchi Best collections.

I got into the act myself under the name windsorBALLET. Some were remixes and others were straight up covers with singers from mm-bbs. You can hear the originals at my Soundcloud page.

Anyway, this “Waratte” remix makes me smile, and I hope it inspires more H!P remixes.

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