Mizuki Murota TopYell Interview

By: Tsuchiya Keisuke

Translation: Lurkette (Hello-Online.org)

Translation originally published at Hello-Online.org

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Right now, ANGERME is entertaining us as a group that embodies an aura of uniqueness, even among Hello!Pro acts. One reason for that may be the overwhelming personalities of each of the members. Maybe we could feel that intensity, as this magazine has conducted several individual interviews with ANGERME. Wada Ayaka, Tamura Meimi, Katsuta Rina, Aikawa Maho, Kamikokuryou Moe, Kasahara Momona… And now for a direct conversation with the person I want to hear from, the thriving Murota Mizuki, who talked about her particular idol philosophy!

She almost had her heart broken both in the Kenshuusei and in ANGERME

–You joined the Hello!Pro Kenshuusei in 2012, and in 2014 you began working as an ANGERME member. Out of all the idol work you’ve done so far, where was the turning point for you?
M: I had two turning points. When I joined the Kenshuusei, it honestly felt like I was in crisis. The rehearsals were harsh, the teachers and managers were scary (laughs), but because I didn’t want to give in at that point, I decided to keep going for at least one year for sure. During that time, though, I gradually came to feel more like it was fun rather than hard. Realizing how much I had grown during that time was the first turning point.

–That’s very positive thinking.
M: Yes, I’m an optimist at heart. The other turning point was when I joined ANGERME. I didn’t feel like I had much of a character when I would think of my own position in the group. But I was told that a character is something you establish, it’s not something you can just make up, so I figured I would go with who I am and not create a new character, because that’s just me. When I first joined, though, I was shy and still couldn’t put myself out there. But my seniors dispelled any sense of hierarchy in the group, in a good way, so as we talked to each other, step by step I started to adapt, and I became able to show who I am.

–You really didn’t think you had a character?
M: I didn’t. There isn’t anything I’m outstanding in. Like, my body isn’t particularly flexible, and I’m not an especially good singer. That’s why I decided to let myself develop over time. I think idols, and people in general, are best when everything is a part of a whole.

–Your singing ability is strong, but did you not have confidence in it?
M: I didn’t. On the contrary, I lost any confidence I had when I joined ANGERME.

–Wow, why was that?
M: If you really get to know the members, ANGERME members are all really quite cute, I think (laughs). That’s why I rapidly lost confidence in myself.

–The more you got to know the other members, the more you were affected by their own strengths.
M: That’s it.

–You said before that you didn’t have a character, so you put your energy into finding your own strengths, then.
M: Yes. When I was a trainee I thought I would try to mimic the people I admired, but after I debuted, I chose to look for things that would suit me specifically. I decided that I definitely wasn’t going to grow my bangs out. That’s because I want to keep a hairstyle that looks good on me. My head is hopelessly square in shape. I decided to do only hairstyles that wouldn’t draw attention to how square it is. I also want to do my makeup that way, too. Like, these days, putting some blush under your eyes is the trend, but it doesn’t look good on me so I gave up on it.

–Do you try these things at home, once?
M: Yes. You won’t know if you don’t try it, right? So I do that, I search for things that suit me. I like trying out different things. When music starts playing, if I think the person singing is good, I’ll end up singing out loud. When I watch dramas, if I think the acting is great then I’ll try doing it myself.

–Is there anyone you use as a reference?
M: People like Selena Gomez or Miley Cyrus. Miley Cyrus, because I liked the show Hannah Montana. I thought it was so cool how she was living both as a singer and as a normal girl. I realized how great idols are because of that show.

–You seem to like foreign dramas.
M: I love them. I love fantasy, and I like zombies, too.

–(laughs) Is that your parents’ influence?
M: No, I’m the only one like that in my family. It’s Disney Channel’s influence (laughs). I also like Cartoon Network. Oh, and I love Crayon Shinchan.

–What about Crayon Shinchan appeals to you?
M: Oh, you’re asking about thart? I’ve liked it for a long time, and I’ve grown to love Shinchan like he’s a part of my family. I have a lot of Shinchan videos on my phone, and I’ll watch them when I’m feeling gloomy or before work, and they make me much more cheerful. I’ll feel more energetic when I wake up in the mornings, too. I think Crayon Shinchan is what gives me the most encouragement.

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